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Wash clothes with cold water

93,181 people do this
Why?  Washing your clothes uses a sizable amount of energy, especially if you use warm or hot water. About 90% of the energy consumed for washing clothes is used to ... more

Save up to $10.00 per year

Open your shades on winter days

76,442 people do this
Why?  Taking advantage of winter sunlight can help make a dent in your heating costs. Open blinds during the day to provide natural lighting and capture free ... more

Save up to $10.00 per year

Turn off your computer at night

73,965 people do this
Why?  Turning off your computer at night could save you up to a third of its energy costs, depending on your use and power management settings. Save even more by ... more

Save up to $105.00 per year

Use computer power-saving modes

73,863 people do this
Why?  Running your computer and monitor constantly throughout the year wastes a significant amount of electricity. However, a computer idling in "sleep" mode uses ... more

Save up to $100.00 per year

Close your shades in the summer

70,310 people do this
Why?  Sunlight passing through windows heats your home and makes your air conditioner work harder. You can block this heat by keeping blinds or drapes closed on ... more

Save up to $10.00 per year

Adjust your thermostat a few degrees

66,823 people do this
Why?  Setting your thermostat for energy savings can decrease your cooling and heating bills ... more

Save up to $20.00 per year

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